Kit Focus Adults

Learning difficulties and adjustment disorders are being detected more often in children. But what about adults? Often, adults face years of challenges before being diagnosed. Learning difficulties do not disappear when childhood ends, so Kit Focus has developed a program specifically for adults that addresses the multiple and complex situations that they may experience.

Kit Focus for adults is a double program that allows you to work on your cognitive abilities (concentration, memory, decision-making) and on your self-reflection (time management, priorities, motivations).

Program :

Each adult completing the Kit Focus program receives a consultation with two professionals to establish an action plan and a schedule (at a cost of $120). The plan includes 6 one-hour sessions with cognitive specialists. More sessions can be added according to your needs.

We also offer academic support to students, particularly in the field of human sciences, methodology, writing, exam prep and more.

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Adult Package

420$ 70$/h

6 sessions according to your needs:

  • Adult program
  • Cognitive Development

Academic Support

55$/h Student special!

Based on your needs.